Wonderfully Made                              

                                                       Psalm 139:13-16                           



Only a few years back – I did not exist.  We can easily calculate when we were nowhere.  Now you and I are alive.  Created by the Lord.  Today we will look how we came to be.  This is not a lesson on the birds and the bees. Relax! 

God has sovereignty placed in the hands of men and women the ability to pro-create.  He has given us the ability to conceive and bear children.  He seems to have given the timing of our creation into the hands of men.  It is meant to be the loving and committed hands of a man and his wife in the committed and stable relationship of marriage.

Today’s Focus:  From Psalm 139:13-16 we will study three description of how we were created by God.


I. Fearfully and wonderfully made  13-14

            A. You formed Me - my inward parts.

                  You possessed my reins  kjv

                  That is quite a difference in translation.

1. “Formed or Possessed - The word – is a Hebrew word that can certainly be translated created or formed.   The word can speak of God’s ownership by virtue of His creation.

2. The word for inward parts or reigns in KJV speaks of God creating our parts.  And it tells us what he did with us in the process of this creation.

3. God has created us.  He formed us through and through.  We are the works of his hands.  (God works through procreation as well as creation.)

B. You protected me - covered (protected) me in my mother’s womb. 

1. The word for covered is to be protected or fenced in.  The womb is a place of protection while we are being formed.  God could design no better place of protection than the mother’s womb.

2. That is the way it was until people begin to tell mothers of their so call reproductive rights.  That they have a right to abort a baby if it is not convenient for them or they feel they can’t afford it etc.  So for many children the mother’s womb has became very unsafe.  God meant it to be a place of safety.  A baby is protected by the family.  A man will instinctively protect his wife.  And a wife will naturally protect the baby in her womb.  When sex is misused that protective family is not there.  The baby is in danger.

            C. For I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

1. The word for fearfully speaks of being afraid.  It seems when a person understands how they are made with God’s hand that it instills fear within us.  Fear because we know we have a responsibility to our creator.

2. Wonderfully made – Are we able to see how marvelous this body is.  God created us in a wonderful and marvelous way.  This creates awe and fear.

3. Marvelous are Your works…

    My soul knows very well. God’s works are miraculous.  His works in creating this body.   It grows, it heals itself when injured. It is a perfect tent for our spirit that indwells it.  The more we study the body the more we can be amazed how it is put together.  Do you recognize this and give glory to the God that made you. 

(“…The ‘stuff’ of which all living things are made is called protoplasm.  This word is made up of 2 Greek words:  Proto, meaning ‘original,’ and plasm, meaning ‘substance.’  Chemically, protoplasm is composed of quite ordinary elements, such as carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur, nitrogen and phosphorus. There is nothing extraordinary, either, in the appearance of protoplasm; it looks very much like the white of an egg.  Yet nobody has been able to explain why protoplasm has that characteristic which we call life.”  - Structure and Function of the Human Body – Memmler/Wood – Lippincot Pub. 1977 - Page 1

God has explained how life began in Genesis 1:26-28 and Genesis 2:7.  We were made of the dust of the ground (ordinary stuff) and God breathed into the nostrils of Adam the breath of life and man became a living soul.

David seems to understand where this life came from.

4. David was saying, “My soul is convinced of your working in my creation.”  You have made me – Out of this stuff but God has done the work.

5. Are you convinced that God made you just the way he wanted you to be?  Can you be like David and praise God for how he made you?   

                        You are fearfully and wonderfully made!

6. It is the belief that we are not a creative work of God but a product of chance that made people feel like they have the right to kill unborn children.

C. I will praise you…14  When we understand this that we are fearfully and wonderfully made here is the proper response.

                 The words suggest lifting up the hands in praise – To give thanksgiving.


II. Skillfully Wrought 15

            A. My Frame  - KJV Substance – not hidden from thee.

                         When I was made in secret – Created in the womb

            B. Skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. 

                 Curiously wrought – word speaks of embroidery work.

    1.  Fancy work of a skilled person with thread.  So God speaks of our creation in the womb as this type of fancy work.

    2.  This work in the secret place of the womb (Lowest parts of the earth)

     Was hidden from us but not hidden from God.  He knew us then and guided the process.

    3.  Let us know that we are skillfully wrought 15 by the handiwork of God.

                4.  The intricate details of God’s creation of you were the handiwork of God.

C.  From a single cell – a tiny tiny blob in nine months time God skillfully                 organizes the skeletal system, muscular system, circulatory system, digestive, system, nervous endocrine and reproductive system into a whole human being.

God gathers the same types of cells together to form tissues, and brings tissues together to form organs, and coordinated organs to form system then make the systems work together to form our body.  How could this just happen?  It doesn’t!  We are skillfully wrought by God.   This is a good description.  We are skillfully wrought 15


III. Fashioned by the Lord.  16

            A. God saw my substance, being yet unformed.

God saw me when I was smaller than the head of a pin.  Not many cells, but substance yet unformed.  Like a little glob. But I was there.  

1. In God’s book was written the days fashioned for me.  Even before there were any of them. 

    KJV – All my members were written which in continuance were fashioned when as yet there was none of them. 

      2. God had as written in a book – planned just how we would be formed as we developed in our mother’s womb.  Our sex, our stature, our coloring, and every part of our physical looks it was in the mind of God.  The days fashioned me.  Or KJV Which in continuance was fashioned.  Each day we developed and were fashioned by God according to His plan. We were fashioned and developed according to God’s blue print. 

     3.  “When as yet there were none of them.  No members being yet unformed we were still planned in the mind of God.

B.  We begin as a ball of simple cells – God begins the embroidery work.  By the end of one months time we are ¼ inch long and the heart and brain have already developed.  Bulges show where the limbs are beginning to form.  By the end of 2 months we look like recognizable little babies.  Beside the physical development a soul or spirit also are there. 


C.  There were no accidents here.  We are what we are because of God’s plan.   

      We know how to take a blue print and build houses.  God knows how to take a blue print and build people.    



So from this passage Psalm 139: 13-16 we have seen three great statements about our creation. 

1.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made  13-14

   Formed and protected by God.

   This should product fear and wonder.

2.  We are skillfully wrought   15

   God’s special embroidery work

3.  We are fashioned by the Lord  16

   According to God’s blue print.   

Let us praise God for His work in our creation and accept the work He has done.  He made us for his purposes just the way He wants us.