A Lasting Relationship                               

Romans 8:37-39                   


  Do you remember when Super Glue first came out?  The tubes of glue had problems.  People got their fingers stuck together.  Some people got stuck so seriously that they had to go to the emergency room to get unstuck.  Sometimes we wish we could use something like that for marriages. 

   Sometimes we hear the sad news.  A couple we know and that had had a seemingly good relationship have separated.  We are sad when we hear the news.  Something has come between them and broken their love relationship.

   Here we look at the fifth in a serious of questions at the end of Romans chapter eight that have to do with our relationship with Christ.  The question is this…”What shall separate us from the Love of Christ?”

In relation to this we would ask:

      1. How much do we love Christ? 

      2. How strong is the love of Christ for us? 

      3. How lasting is this love?  How committed is this Love?  The answer to these questions are answered as we look at the various things that are unable to separate us from the love of Christ. Often in the human relationships one partner has a stronger love than the other.  So it is with our relationship with Christ.  Until we know we are willing to die for him we know our love does not begin to approach his love for us.

I. The Question  

            A. What shall separate us from the love of Christ?

B. What shall divide us asunder (separate) us from the love of Christ?  What can divide asunder so that the love of Christ cannot reach us or that he would not want to love us anymore?

C. The work in the Greek is Chōrizō -  to separate, divide, part, put asunder, to separate one’s self from, to depart

D. The question is answered with a series of negative.

II. No Amount Of Trouble or Persecution Can Separate Us From His Love.  35b

    The opposition expressed in the verse all relate to persecution.

A. Shall Tribulation?

                        1. The word – thlipsis   -  a pressing, pressing together, pressure

metaphorically oppression, affliction, tribulation, distress, straits

2. This is distress brought about by outward circumstances may be persecution. But may be just hard things that happen. 

3  The pressure trouble and hard circumstances bring can it separate from the Love of Christ?  They may cause us to want to give up but it does not separate us from His love.

            B. Shall Distress?

                        1. The Word = stenochōria  1) narrowness of place, a narrow place

  2) metaphorically dire calamity, extreme affliction

                        2. Some have suggested this narrow place is a prison cell.

3. This is calamity that comes into our lives that restricts our movements and activities.

                        4. Can distress separate us from the love of Christ?

            C. Shall Persecution?

                        1. To put to flight, drive away, pursue

2. The persecution of Christians caused them to flee their homes for their lives and for the sake of their families.   This is still happening today.

                        3. This cannot separate the true believe from the love of Christ.

            D. Shall Famine?

1. Hunger caused by persecution.  Having to leave ones home and the place where there is food and an income.

2. This is happening today.  We see starving people because of persecution.

3. Will this separate the believer from the Love of Christ?

E. Shall Nakedness?

1. Unclothed or scantily or poorly clad people due to persecution is also something we see.  It is not new.

2. Can this separate us from the love of Christ?

            F. Shall Peril?

1. Running a risk and facing danger or peril.  Because of ones faith you may run great risks.  That will not separate you from the Love of Christ.

            G. Shall Sword?

1. The word speaks of a short sword used in war and used by governments for its power to enforce its laws by execution.

2. The Sword cannot separate you from the Love of Christ.

     Could we remain faithful to God in the face of these things???

     Well he remain faithful to us through these thing?  No doubt!!

      He has much time in the past.  We studied Acts and saw how he was faithful to His        

      saints in times like these.

      No amount of trouble or anguish can separate us from His love.


III.  No Amount of Anguish Can 36

A. This is a word of anguish of persecuted Christians of N.T. times.  It is a quote from Psalm 44:22  (Read Psalm 44:12-22 to see the O.T. saints trouble.)

B. For the sake of Christ – Because of their faith and witness Christians were being persecuted and even put to death for the Lord’s sake.

C. They were like sheep for the slaughter.  It must have seemed to them at times like the Lord’s love had stopped.

     This was true in David’s time and Paul’s time and is true today.

D. What has been the response of the church due to all of this anguish? The church has continued through it all.

E. It must have seemed like the Lord’s love had stopped yet the church continued and prospered. 

F. Stephen died for his faith but the Lord stood to welcome him into heaven.


IV. More Than Conquerors  37

            A. The words that this is translated from is as follows:

                        1. Huper – Over and above – Nikaomen Conquerors.

                        2. Over all of these problems they are preeminently victorious.

3. That victory comes through Him that loves us.  Through Christ we have the Victory and then some.  In the midst of difficulties keep your eyes on Christ.  Not as Peter walking on the water took his eyes off the Lord.

            B. Peter After the H.S. entered his life was more than a conqueror for Christ.

V. I Am Persuaded  - Persuaded none of the following things could separate us from the Love of Christ.

            A. No events.

1. Death – I am persuaded that when the Soul leaves the Body at the end of life here on earth it cannot separate us from the Love of Christ.

2. Life – I am persuaded that the time we spend here on earth no mater how long it is cannot separate us from His Love.  Whatever it holds it cannot separate us from the Love of Christ.

            B. No Person

1. Not Angels – No angel not even Satan himself could separate the child of God from His love.

2. Not Principalities. – No powerful spiritual beings that exercise rule here on earth or in heaven can separate us from the Love of Christ. 

arhē  -  the person or thing that commences, the first person or thing in a series, the leader -  the first place, principality, rule, magistracy -  of angels and demons

3. Not Powers – No human or angelic powers – those who have control or authority to do powerful things can’t separate me from the Love of Christ. 

No power in the human realm or the spiritual realm.

            C. No Place

1. Not Height – You can’t get up too height that God can’t be with you.  There is no place too high that Christ’s love can’t be with you.

2. Not Depth – You can never go down too low so that Christ’s love can’t be with you. No place can separate you from Christ’s love.

D. Nor Any Other Creation – I am persuaded in all creation there is not anything that was created nor any one or any event that can separate us from God’s Love.

      Read Psalm 119:7-12.


CONCLUSION.   – In Christ we have a lasting relationship.

   The relationship of the believer with the Lord is super strong.  When a person is truly saved God loves you with an everlasting love.  There is nothing that will separate your from that love. 

   This is not to give you overconfidence but the confidence to keep trusting the Lord in the middle of adverse circumstances. 

    What can separate us from His love?