A LOOK AT OUR GOD                                                                                 Psalm 139:1-12                             


Today we are able to do an amazing thing.  We can pull back the veil and look at our God. This we can do by a study of Psalm 139.  We do not see his brilliant glory for that would blind us.  But we can look into the Bible and see God.  As we see God in the Bible it will not blind our eyes but it can almost blow our mind.  It will not do this literally but we will be awestruck. In Psalm 139 we will see four great truths about our awesome God.  The more we learn about Him now the more prepared we will be for heaven and the more able we will be able to live for Him here.


I. God’s Knowledge Of Us  1-4

     A. How God Knows about us. - Searched and known  Vs 1

             “O Lord you have searched me and known me.” 

            1. He searched me…

a. It is more through than an airport search. 

                 b. How thoroughly does he search us?

                        The word in the Hebrew is châqar  khaw-kar' Meaning to penetrate or examine intimately- 

                                Has the idea to seek out thoroughly. 

                                That is the way the Lord searches us. 

                2. Let us consider the word “known” This is the result of the search.

This word is Yada – It means to ascertain by seeing.  This is to know in the deepest     sense. God can just look and see our hearts and our deepest most intimate thoughts and activities.  They are open to him.

3. So how does God know us?  He knows us because he searched us and he can

     see us clearly all the time.   Now what is the result of his searching and knowing.

     B. What God knows about us…

                1. God knows when I set down and when I get up.  2a 

                                He knows the length of my coffee breaks.

                                He knows my TV habits.  He knows my movements throughout the day.

                                Is this knowledge about God’s knowledge a blessing to you does it trouble you?

It should be a blessing – If it is not then we should clean up our act.  But more important than that come to God’s  Son, Jesus Christ,  for salvation.  As John 1:12-13 state.  Receive and believe Jesus Christ and God will cause you to be born again.  You will be born into His family as one of His children.   If you have done that and are still troubled by these truths then you need as a believer to do what it says in 1 John 1:9.

                2. God understands our thoughts  2b

The word is not Yada but a word meaning to distinguish or be able to separate mentally or discern.

He can figure out our thoughts and knows every one of them.  Wow!

He knows them afar off – he doesn’t have to study our facial expression.  He knows every thought.  The thoughts of our minds are instantly faxed to heaven, to the mind of God.  Our thoughts are distinguished, analyzed and completely known by God. 

                3. God Comprehends my Path

                                -KJV  “Compassest” The word has the idea of being sown or scattered.  It means  

God is scattered or has fanned all about our path so he knows all about where we are.

- “My lying down – Lying down for sleep.  When asleep he compassest us.

- He is acquainted with all my ways. – He is familiar with all our ways. 

He knows where we are going.  He’s been there before more than that he sees     down the road ahead of us.   He knows where we have been, where we are, and where we are going.

                4. God knows our words – 4

                                - There is not a word on our tongue but God knows it altogether.

                                - We are “bugged” Not by men but by God.  He knows everything we have said

                                                are saying and well say. 

                                - Matthew 12:33-37  especially verse 36


II.  God’s Protection of  Us.  5

                A. Hedged behind and before  5  Surrounded by the presence of the Lord.

The words carry with it as though the enemy surrounded a person.  But

here it is being surrounded by the Lord.

                B. The lid is on.

That is not all “You have laid Your hand upon me.”  God surrounded us then put his hand over us.  It is like the lid over us in His protection.

C.   No wonder Satan complained about not being able to get at Job.  Job 1:9-10

1.  For the unsaved this would seem confining.  To some this is a threat to freedom.

2.  For the believer it is a great comfort.  We don’t see Him or feel him but he is there to protect and help us. 

D. We enjoy great protection.  This is God who has saved us continuing as our loving heavenly father.


III. God’s Awesomeness    6

                A. Such knowledge is too wonderful.

                                   1. To remarkable – too much for me.

                B. It is high – Lofty – this knowledge is so high I can’t begin to attain it.

C. “I cannot…”(Attain is not in original but is implied)  I cannot begin to have this knowledge and this ability.

D. David is awe struck.  Finally we have come to something that is truly awesome. 

                So amazing that we don’t have words to describe it- we are just able to say awe….

E. Are you awe struck?  These truths are truly awesome.  Worship Him!


IV. God’s Omnipresence   7-12

A. David had made and application of the truths he has just confessed.   He applies it with a question and its answer.

                B. Where can I go from your Spirit and where can I flee from Your Presence?  Vs. 7

David then lists several possible places a person might go to try to get away from God.

1. If I ascend into heaven, you are there  - Heaven is not a good place if you want to get away from God.

2. If I make my bed in hell behold, you are there.  (Hell is Sheol)  The place of the dead.  Don’t ever think you can escape from God through suicide.  After suicide the first person one faces is God.  It is appointed unto men once to die and after death the judgment.  Hebrews 9:27  Sheol is no escape from God.

3. If I take the wings of the morning.  – Go east – Some have done that and sought to forget about the God of the Bible and pursue eastern religions.  God is there

4. If  I dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea… (This was west for David)  If I go west. 

Jonah thought he could run from God.  God was there – had him surrounded and was even there in the dept of the sea to catch him and hedge him in with a great fish which vomited him out on the land.  It shows that God is even interested and can use those that could be called vomit.

5.  Even there Your hand shall lead me, and your right hand shall hold me.  Vs 10

6. Darkness cannot hide us from God.  11-12

– It shall be as light about me. 

- Darkness shall not hide from You.

-Some people think that in the cover of darkness they can sin and get away with it.  They are safe from God.  People may not see you but God is there.

                                7. There is nowhere that we can go to hide from God.

8. God is omnipresent – everywhere.



Take time to ready Isaiah 55:8-9

God knows us, because he has searched and known us.  1-4

God is all about us in protection 5

God is Awesome 6

He is Omnipresent

Unless you are truly saved you cannot handle these truths.  If they bug you and offend you recognize your need for His salvation.  He offers you eternal life as a free gift. (Romans 6:23)  When you accept that Gift God makes you his child through the new birth and you will then be glad for what Psalm 139 says.