Romans 8:28

Introduction - Romans 8:28 is a promise most of us if not all of us have held on to in difficult times. 

 As we go through our study of Roman 8 we now come to this verse and we will look at each aspect of this promise. 

Today’s Focus:  We will look today at four details of the comforting promise of Romans 8:28.   


I.                    The Certainty of the Promise

1.      Know…this is something we can be certain of.  We are certain of it even though sometimes the circumstances tell us otherwise.

2.      The word “know” used here speaks of intuitive knowledge. This knowledge comes with our faith in the Lord.  When we really know the Lord we can know this promise to be true.

II.                 The Breadth of the Promise  “That all things”  

1.      All things – this means everything in our lives.  Every event, what we would call good things and even the bad or negative things. The word all means all.

2.      The words “all things” in the English comes from the word “pas" and means all, any, every, the whole.

III.            The Greatness of the Promise.  “Work together”

1.      The translation “work together” comes from the word

sunergeō   pronounced soon-erg-eh'-o which comes from a related word meaning to be a fellow worker, that is, co-operate.

Everything that happens in our lives becomes a fellow worker and co-operates toward the right end.  They co-operate together for the good that God intends in our lives.

2.      “For Good” - This “good” may not be apparent to us as we go through the difficult times but by faith we accept this to be true.

 3. The greatness of this promise is apparent.  When we understand it and believe it we understand that God is working in every aspect of our lives.  That God is never sitting back and letting things just happen out of control.  It will all fit together in an understandable way.  Many times it is like a jigsaw puzzle and doesn’t really make sense until the last piece is in place.

IV.              The Objects Of The Promise – It is for whom?  This promise has some limits.  It is not true of everyone.

1. To those who love God.

Who is it that loves God?  Many people know of God in that they recognize that there is a creator of all things but they cannot say that they love God.  God is there to blame when things get out of control but they would never think of loving God.  Do you love him?   Let us look up some verses that will help us see the truth about our Love for God. 

a.      The Bible says, “we love Him because he first loved us” (1 John 4:19). 

b.      John 4:10 says:  “In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.”

c.       Those who understand what He did for us and realize His great love for us are the ones that love Him.

d.      Those who love God understand that He works things for good in our lives.  Even the things that we would consider negative those who live Him know he works them for good.   

Even though hard times come we know He love us and is doing the best for us.

e.       Those who do not love Him and don’t know of his work for them are not included in this promise.  There are things that happen that are out of control and not for the good. 

2.      “Those who are the called according to His purpose”

a.      This promise is to the called.

This is the word “klētos” pronounced  klay-tos' meaning invited or appointed or called. 

b.      This calling is explained in verses 29-30.  We will talk more about it then. 

3.      There are two limitations to this promise.  We need to be sure that we have received Christ so that we are included in this promise.

Conclusion – More promises

1.       This is a verse we must memorize.  We must hold on to in the good times and the difficult times.  It is a promise that is true even though it is not apparent to us in the difficult circumstances.  Our faith helps us hold on to this promise in the difficult circumstances of life.

2.      Joseph saw the reality of how God works things together for good.  He went through really hard times.  He was hated and sold by his brothers.  He endured being a slave in a foreign land.  He was falsly accused and sent to prison.  But at the end of his life he saw how God worked all of these things together for good.   Genesis 50:20

3.      Some other precious promises from God that we can use when the “good” of Romans 8:28 is not yet apparent.

a.      Isaiah 26:3-4

b.      Isaiah 40:29-31

The word “wait”     qâvâh  kaw-vaw' means  to bind together (perhaps by twisting), that is, collect; (figuratively) to expect: - gather (together), look, patiently, tarry, wait (for, on, upon).

Someone has suggested that this word “wait” is saying that we should weave our faith into His promises.

c.       Isaiah 41:10 

4. Let us hold on to these great promises of God.