By Pastor Paul Millermon
Romans 8:1-4
23 June 2002

                                     BENEFITS OF BEING IN CHRIST.                                                                    Romans 8:1-4                                          Introduction – What is it like to be in Christ?

-         When you respond to the Gospel and are saved – Trust Jesus as your savior.

-         Gospel  - Review

-         Jesus Predicted that his disciples will be “In Christ”   John 14:20

-         Two great illustrations about being in Christ

1.      We are in Christ as a branch is in the vine.  –John 15 Trust Him for sustenance and strength. We can draw from Him for strength.

2.      We are in Christ as a member is in a body – I Cor 12 -  We can do things for him.

Prop.  In Christ we have wonderful benefits.  We will look at two today found in Romans 8:1-4.  



A.    The “Therefore” of no condemnation. 

1.      The word “Therefore” used here draws a conclusion from the previous chapters of Romans.  The previous chapters tell us of the guilty verdict on all mankind – A condemnation.  Chapters 1-3:20

2.      They speak of justification through Jesus Christ. -   Justification by faith. 3:21-chapter 5

3.      They speak of sanctification. Chapters 6-8

On the basis of these chapters chapter eight draws this conclusion for us.

4.      The Therefore also connects directly to chapter 7 – Where the law of sin and death is said to control.  

-         7:18-25 tell of the attempt to live for God in the power of the flesh.

-         Like Peter’s ill-fated attempt to be faithful before the crucifixion there was no H.S. strength and no success-   He only had his will power to draw on.

-         Paul in 7:20 “With the mind he serves the law of God – with the flesh the law of sin.  There is no mention of the Holy Spirit

-         Up to this point in Romans the Holy Spirit is mentioned 4 times.  In Chapter 8 He is mentioned 19 times.

-         Acts 1:8 Jesus gave a promise of power.  Not just power to say the words of the Gospel but power to live a life compatible with it.  Not power to live in hypocrisy (to say the words but not live the life).

B. The Now of No Condemnation? The benefit of our new position  1a  It affects our eternity - No condemnation

1.      The word condemned – speaks of an adverse verdict.

2.      Jesus spoke of the condemnation of Hell.  Matthew 23:33;  Luke 12:5

3.      The book of Revelation speaks of the lake of fire.  Revelation 20:11-15.

4.      When a person is justified there will be no hell or lake of fire in his or her future.

C. The Unconditional Aspect of no condemnation.

The fact of our new position – Not conditional

The bible really tells us that the only condition for this is that we are in Christ.  Not our walk.  Our position determines our walk.  Our walk does not determine our position.


II.                 SECOND GREAT BENEFIT OF OUR POSITION – Law of the spirit of life.  2-4

A.    Power is given  - This law of the Spirit of life speaks of Holy Spirit power in the life of the believer Acts 1:8

B.     Made Free  2 – Free from the law of sin and death. 

-         Describe how a sinner is chained by sin.

-         The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.  What is this?  The result of our position. – 2-4 It affects our now.

-         It is the opposite of the law of sin and death.  This is the law or principle of what happens to a person when the H.S. comes in. who trusts Christ as their savior.

-         So he has made me free from the law of sin and death.  2 

(Control of sin is broken) God has made a change in the struggle of the flesh. 

C.    Made to live in righteous - 3-4

1. What the Law could not do because it was weak through the flesh. 

-         Not by law keeping – The law can’t make a person righteous because of the weakness of the flesh.

2. God by sending His Son. 

In the likeness of sinful flesh.

He condemned sin in the flesh.

            Christ came and condemned sin not the law which point out sin.


2.      That the righteous requirement of the law can be fulfilled in us.  4

3.      Who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit.

When we live in the power of the Spirit not in the Power of the flesh we are obeying the law of God.



            In Romans 8:1-4 we are able to see two great benefits of being in Christ. 

  1. The first is the fact that we have no condemnation.  Verse one tells us that we have no hell or lake of fire in our future.
  2. The second is the power of the Holy Spirit in the live of the person who have trusted Christ as savior. – The law of the spirit of life in Christ makes us free from the law of sin and death! 
  3. What great benefits there are when we are in Christ.


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